Reading Darts League

Season: SUMMER2024

Welcome to the Reading Darts League.

The format of the games is as below.

Point System:

Winning Team:

  • 5-4 or 6-3 Win gets 2 points
  • 7-2 or 8-1 Win gets 3 points
  • 9-0 Win gets 4 points

Losing Team: 

  • 5-4 Loss gets 1 point

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
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Date: 03/01/2007

News: When browsing the site do not use the back button since this stops the active pages collecting the team information correctly. Use the buttons at the bottom of each table to navigate the site.

Contact Information:     

Name: Claire Vincent - Results

Phone: 07799822000


Name: Debby Wilkins

Phone: 07872919453


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